Board of Directors



The Chamber enhances and leverages the talents and resources of its members to improve economic opportunities. The Chamber is an advocate for its broad and diverse member businesses, creating a climate of growth and success. The Chamber provides unique opportunities for individuals and businesses to make a difference by connecting them to important community issues. The Chamber helps build a stronger community by staying focused and involved in the top business, civic, and social priorities.





 Bristow Area Chamber – Board of Directors

   President Jake Manus Individual Member 918-637-0368
   Vice President Cody Beach The Beach House 918- 833-0016
   Co-Treasurer Emily Ailey Individual Member
   Co-Treasurer Leslie George Community Bank
   Secretary Becky Benham Bristow Medical Center 405-567-5269
 Immediate Past President John Tidwell Trinity Baptist Church  918-906-8883
Bruce McKinzie Central Tech
Colby Wissel SpiritBank
Ravin Remington Individual Member
Stephanie Ailey Whitener Individual Member


Executive Director:

Tonya Schwartz




Our Mission:

The Bristow Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to act as advocate on behalf of the general welfare and prosperity of the Bristow area so that its citizens and all sectors of business shall prosper.  Promotion shall be provided with attention and emphasis given to the economic, civic, commercial, cultural, industrial, social, and educational interests of the area.

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